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The Trade It In Technique

Trauma Sucks.

“I feel isolated, overwhelmed, and stuck, all at the same time.”

“Nothing I’m doing seems like enough.”

“I could never let people know how hard things are. I don’t know where to start.”

What if you never had to get stuck in stress, anxiety, or anger, ever again?

The Trade It In Technique

Stay calm through any situation.

With the Trade It In Technique, there’s no need to be trapped in painful situations or old traumas anymore. You’re going to learn a simple but powerful technique to process those big feelings, learn from them, and move on — fast.


Tell me if this sounds like you:
You’re feeling stressed out and isolated because of the pandemic. 

Easy question, huh?

Okay, we’re all struggling. If you already have depression, anxiety, past trauma, or a difficult situation in your life, it’s probably a lot worse now!

A whole lot of us are feeling like the work we can get done isn’t enough, what we can do to GET work isn’t enough, what we’re doing to keep our lives stable isn’t enough, what we can do to support our loved ones isn’t enough, what we can do to help our kids with school isn’t enough….

All the old feelings we already had, of not being enough, of not being worthy, of being frustrated by all kinds of different things about ourselves or our lives, are magnified by this horrible situation.

I see a lot of ads for some app that promises to teach kids “emotional regulation.” Every time it crosses my path, there are people commenting: “I need this! Why isn’t there something like this for adults?”

It’s a good question.

Wouldn’t you like a way to process all those big feelings that come up, and trade them in for clarity, serenity… maybe even a minute to actually breathe?

That’s exactly why I created the Trade It In Technique. All the unhealed pain, all the old issues, that every one of us has, makes all of this so much worse.

I want you to have the tools you need to quickly deal with all those difficult moments in your life.

I want you to be able to weather every single day of this with serenity, with security, maybe even with a real smile on your face!

I want you to get to have joy and calm somewhere inside you, even during the hardest times.

With this mini-course, you CAN develop these skills — in less than an hour.

The Trade It In Technique mini-course includes:

• An encouraging hour-long video to motivate you, help you identify your feelings before they trip you up, and walk you through the technique. (Valued at $180)

• Audio-only and transcript versions, so you can learn in the way that works best for you. (Valued at $30)

• My Discover your Ecosystem technique, to identify how big your support network really is and who’s there for you. (Valued at $50)

• My reusable Trade It In Worksheet, to help you be honest with yourself, use the Trade It In Technique consistently, and track your progress. (A form-fillable PDF you can use on your computer, or print out if your brain thinks better longhand! Valued at $100.)

• A collection of sample scripts you can use to get comfortable practicing the Trade It In Technique with different people. I find that being able to imagine different ways to phrase it, and how it might work in different relationships or for different communication styles, really helps — especially for neurodiverse people and/or those with social anxiety. (Valued at $50.)

• A moderated Facebook group where you can share with others who use the Trade It In Technique. Make friends, ask questions, get encouragement and inspiration, and always have somewhere to reach out or just vent. (Valued at $100)

A total value of $510… but for you? Just $36.

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Right now, you’re probably struggling with unwanted, overwhelming, chaotic changes.

Right now, you’re probably struggling with unwanted, overwhelming, chaotic changes.

Maybe you don’t even have the time to try to find the help you need.

Maybe you don’t know what would help you in the first place, or there seems to be nothing that could help.

Maybe you have the time, but your ability to use it has been drained by anxiety, depression, shame, and all the other invisibly painful effects of trauma.

Imagine if every single one of us had the tools we need to heal and thrive.

All the unhealed pain, all the old issues, that every one of us has, make all of this so much worse.

There’s a quote from Hamlet that I always hated: “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

I hated it because it seemed so presumptuous. It’s all a matter of opinion? It depends on your perspective? What about death, torture, war, abuse? What about a pandemic?

But there have been so many things in my life that I feared would happen, or that I never expected, that turned out to have benefits I couldn’t have even imagined. Often, it’s the ones that seem the hardest that delivered the greatest gifts.

Humans are incredibly resilient. We can learn and grow through anything… if we have the right tools.

Imagine if you had those tools.

succulent rose buds

You can.

I want to show you how.

I want you to be able to share these tools with
other people in your life who are struggling.




(So much so, in fact, that I’m giving you one of the worksheets right here!)

[The worksheet says, "FEELING ANY OF THESE? TRADE IT IN! Stuck? Stressed out? Struggling? Turn it into serenity and growth right here! Check all that apply. Annoyed; Judgmental; Frustrated; Angry; Resentful; Scared; Nervous; Stressed; Worried; Not enough; Controlling; Forcing things; Taking it personally; Hiding; Denial; Other? BRIEFLY, WHY? WHO AM I CHECKING IN WITH? This can be anything from a one-sentence text to a deep conversation. Look at your care map for inspiration! COMPOST ALL OF IT FOR NOW AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE. Any size action counts. Share something you appreciate about someone • Feed or play with a pet • Ask someone how they're doing • Drink some water • Offer some help • Water the plants • Plant a tree • Send a card, or just an emoji • Burn down the system • You know: whatever floats your boat. I'M GOING TO: blank]"] [background photo of Dani, a white genderqueer with short hair and a trimmed beard, beaming, in a blue and green hammock with a siamese cat, an adorable toddler, and a Sophie Kinsella book called My Perfect Life. This was not posed, it's just a great book I happened to be re-reading.]

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Dani Aidan Stone. I’ve spent more than 17 years studying the effects of trauma, identifying the most powerful tools for healing them, and using these tools myself.

I’ve worked as a substance abuse counselor for teens, served on the board of a nonprofit helping people affected by sexual betrayal, and created workshops for everything from setting boundaries to surviving minority stress.

I created Powerfully Vulnerable because I had overcome imposter syndrome, and I wanted to show other people how to recover from trauma, and to really understand their own worth.

We all have them rattling around in our head: Old resentments. Cruel statements from the past. Fears that we can never seem to argue away.

There are lots of great slower, even systemic, long-term strategies for clearing these up. But we also desperately need a quick and effective way to get unstuck when they come up in our everyday lives.

I’m going to show you why we hang on to these things for so long. What you get out of trading them in. And exactly how to do it.

I’m going to identify what feelings we all can get stuck in, show you how to learn what they’re trying to tell you, and then how to let them go so that you can hear the priceless intuition that’s inside each one of us.

The Trade It In Technique works for ANY big “sticky” feelings. For all the stressful, so-called “negative” feelings that sap your energy, and distract you from having a delightful, present, joyful life.

You may have been told to value your anger, or your fears, because they help keep you safe. They let you know when you’re in danger. And that’s true!

But, as you may have noticed, we’re not always that great at knowing when our feelings are saying, “you need to take action now,” and when they’re saying, “you were hurt in the past! You were hurt in the past, and it sucked! Remember that? Remember that right now, with me, as if it’s currently happening!”

Boy in park using bubble wand

Q&A Time

I know, it seems totally counter-intuitive. But the idea isn’t that you “should” be calm in response to the pandemic. It’s that it’s possible to be calm in the midst of difficult and even tragic situations — and that it’s really easy to burn out otherwise.

And if you’re anything like me, you live in a bit of a paradox. If a building was falling down, or someone was being rushed to the emergency room, you’d seem very calm and be putting out all the metaphorical (or literal) fires. Instead, it’s everyday life that carries the stress that people normally associate with a crisis.

I promise, you don’t need that stress. And it is possible (but unnerving at first!) to live without it.

I hear you! But I have to point something out: YOU are one of the people who is suffering. You can end at least one person’s suffering, right here. And that will free up your emotional energy to help the people around you, and to help make the world a better place.

The problem is not that if so many people are suffering, we should all suffer with them. The problem is that people are suffering.

The video (or audio, if you prefer) is a little less than an hour long.

I don’t promise that you’ll be an expert after an hour! But it walks you through what to do and why to do it, so that you can use the handouts and do the exercise as much or as little as you personally need to.

4. Will this help me immediately?

Yes, it absolutely will. In my experience, most people learn a lot about themselves just from the material covered in the video. And honestly, just knowing that you have new tools, getting that hope for better experiences and a better life, helps a lot.

And if you immediately start using those tools, it will help so much more.

5. How do I access it?

You’ll be able to download the files immediately, and you’ll also get an email with everything you need in case you need to download anything again.

You have lifetime access to everything: the video, the stand-alone audio of the class, the transcript, the worksheets, and the optional Facebook group. If you ever lose any of it and can’t find that email, just let me know. I’m also working on creating a members-only section of the website, so you’ll be able to come right back here and click a button to get everything too.

All that great stuff costs just $36. But be careful!  I’m only selling it through July 4th. Then I’m taking it down for a little while, so I can incorporate all the great feedback to make it even better!

And yep — if I add any worksheets, retool the video, or make any other big changes to this course in the future, you will get those too. I’ll email them right to you, and post them in the Facebook group.

Nope! I totally agree that stuffing, ignoring, or denying our feelings does not work. Not in the long run. Not really even in the short run. This is all about noticing your feelings, acknowledging what you feel, sharing it with somebody else, learning anything you need to from it, and being able to move out of those feelings naturally.

I know the feeling! It can be really hard to set aside even an hour for yourself. But it comes with quite a payoff. Getting stuck in stress, anger, anxiety, and fear takes up a huge amount of energy. When your emotional and physical energy isn’t being consumed by difficult emotions, you’ll discover so much more energy, and even time, for the things you love.

That first hour, though, doesn’t have to be a whole hour at once! You can watch (or read, or listen to) the course a little bit at a time. And once you’ve started using the Trade It In Technique, using it throughout your day to free yourself up can take just a few minutes.

I’m currently working on this! Right now, the easiest way to buy it as a gift is to simply buy it, and email them the files.

It’s a recorded course, not a live one, so you can start it anytime you want!

You have lifetime access to all the course materials, so you can listen to, read, or watch the course as often as you like.

I’m here for you! You can always email me or contact me through Facebook Messenger with any questions. You’ll also have access to an optional Facebook group of other people using the Trade It In Technique, where you can share, read other people’s experiences, and ask and answer questions.

If you have visual processing issues, are blind, or video doesn’t work for you for some other reason, you won’t be missing anything. I’ve designed the course so that the visuals don’t add anything you’re not already getting from the audio: they’re just illustrations, like a picture of a compost pile when I talk about compost of a metaphor. (I would love to add an audio description track, if I can figure out how.) The transcript of the video does include descriptions of the visuals. And you can also listen to the audio track by itself.

Deaf or hard of hearing? The video is captioned — with the actual script I wrote for it, so there should be none of the typos or algorithmic errors that you see in a lot of captions.

Concerns I haven’t thought of? Just let me know what accommodations you need, or what changes I should make to the course!

The Trade It In Technique is totally compatible with anything you’re currently doing in therapy.

If you’re doing trauma work, somatic work around emotions, or another related modality, using this technique will, in my experience, actually enhance what you’re doing in therapy.

I think of it a little like having your therapist in your pocket. We all need a way to recognize, learn from, and move through the stuff that comes up throughout the week.

Using the Trade It In Technique means that you don’t have to wait for that appointment to get relief, and you can show up with new insights to talk about and build on.

Refund Policy

I really want it to work for you, though, so I strongly encourage you to ask questions, contact me directly, and let me help you troubleshoot it first!

[photo of a brown and white tabby cat sticking out the tip of its tongue in a blep. just needed a cat picture in here]

Who Is The Trade It In Technique Great For?

If you’re sheltering-in-place with family, you need this tool under your belt! I hear from so many of you who love your in-laws, your parents, your kids, but… being with them 24/7, during stressful times, is really, really hard.

The Trade It In Technique lets you stay calm when the school sends seven emails in one morning; move through the pain of being misgendered or judged, so you have a chance at setting those boundaries they keep ignoring; and learn new ways of responding to screaming children — or screaming adults.

If you have a book inside you, a small business idea, a project you wish you could create, and you feel stuck and just can’t seem to get it started — or finished? I love using the Trade It In Technique to see what’s stopping me from being successful.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of self-doubt, insecurity, or just plain uncertainty about whether and how to make it happen. In my experience, that stuff really blocks the flow of inspiration and motivation that you need to fulfill your passions.

Struggling with executive function? As an autistic person with ADHD, I feel you! I’ve heard it said that we need an emotional connection or commitment to something in order for it to get done.

I don’t know if that’s always true; maybe it is. But I do know that having any kind of emotional resistance to a task — fear about doing it, or about not doing it, or about its outcomes — can make it almost impossible to get it done.

The Trade It In Technique is great at clearing those barriers out of the way. In fact, I used it to finish writing this sales page!

How Does This Work?


Grab your copy of the Trade It In Technique right here!


You’ll be able to download the course video and worksheets right away. They’ll also magically show up in your email, so you never have to worry about losing the files. And you’ll get a link to the members’ Facebook group.


Watch the video, listen to the audio, or read the transcript, and start practicing it right away! If you get stuck, just ask the group or contact me; I’m here to help!

Imagine where you could be in an hour.

Maybe ready to start a new project… learn something you’ve been dying to learn but felt intimidated by… maybe just able to relax and have fun.

Imagine what your everyday life would be like with less stress, less fear, less anxiety.

Think about today, or yesterday: what bothered you? What did you struggle with?

Here’s what it looked like for me: I didn’t set an alarm, and I couldn’t tell what time it was when I woke up. Our elderly cat wanted Big Snuggles and just wouldn’t stop purring. Instead of worrying about whether I would get everything done today if I didn’t get up Right Now, I trusted that I had enough flexibility to pet my cat. When I finally cut her off, it actually turned out to be a good hour and a half earlier than I’d thought!

My partner is off on a trip with our toddler, who I talked to on video chat while I worked. Getting off the chat was sad, and the toddler cried. I felt some fear about their Big Feelings. I traded it in, and had a very careful and compassionate conversation with my partner about it over text while the two of them ate burritos.

I had a great time working on this very same page, but found myself struggling with the fear that I wouldn’t get it done, that I would self-sabotage. There’s honestly nothing more annoying than self-sabotaging by getting stuck in the fear that you’re going to self-sabotage! So I traded it in, and was able to put on music, get back into writing, and have fun with it again.

Imagine having this technique yourself. What could you be using it on? How much fun might it be to play around with it and see what you can get unstuck in your life? I can tell you from personal experience, when you’re in the flow of inspiration, it can take you to a lot of surprising places… both metaphorically, and literally.

[icon of hands reaching out for a heart, with the word "HELP" superimposed over them in purple letters.]

In just about an hour from now, you could have a clear support network, a community to practice with, and all the skills you need to transform your emotional landscape and your everyday life.

I want you to have all of this. And you deserve it. Everyone does. I promise.