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Why is fighting imposter syndrome so important? Oppression is a form of abuse. "Othering" marginalized people -- treating them as less valuable, less worthy, as "less-than" -- is a key part of oppression. And seeing yourself as less-than -- i.e., having imposter syndrome -- is one of the most consistent effects of any kind of abuse.
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When we fight imposter syndrome, we fight the people, systems, and situations that oppress us. We drain their power to harm us, and to make us harm ourselves and each other. Oppressive systems are sly. They make it seem like they’re just the stuff that’s blatant and visible. Laws against us, vocal public defamation of… Read More »Fighting Oppression

When you can truly love the things about yourself that make you feel most vulnerable, you become invincible.
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This is the paradox behind imposter syndrome. The harder we try to protect ourselves from failure… from success… from shame… from being found out… from being known…  the more we suffer. Because it reinforces the message that we aren’t good enough, and that people will harm us if they know what we’re really like. It… Read More »Invincibly Vulnerable

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