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The “Getting to Good Enough” Workbook

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Always trying to make the right decisions. Do the right things. Share the right parts of yourself. 

Imposter syndrome is stressful and exhausting. 

And it’s a battle you can’t win… if you keep playing according to its rules.  

The only winning strategy is to stare it in the face and reject every lie it’s been telling you. 

I’ll be the first to admit it: that takes years of work!

But it you have the right tools, those are years when your life, career, and relationships just keep getting better and better.

I could teach a whole class on how to identify its lies and know, for sure, how great you actually are. (And I do!

But not everyone can make that commitment right now. Sometimes, you just need to get some quick help, right away, and start seeing how it all works. 

So I put together a quick workbook for you. It’s a 14-page PDF, full of things like: 

[bright coral square with "IMPOSTER SYNDROME SUCKS" in white font, all caps]

• The most influential dysfunctional relationship in your life — with someone you probably see every day!

• 4 exercises that are crucial to exposing the way imposter syndrome works in your life, and just how far its roots go — so you can start tearing them out.

• And a simple secret that you can use to give yourself a powerful shift in perspective, any time you need it.

Here's a Sneak Preview...

“YES! I’m worth it! I think! I mean, it’s only $5? God, $5 for something on the internet, that’s ridiculous, do they sell it at Wish for less?… No, screw it, I can do this!! I’m gonna give it a shot!!”