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breathing room thank-you page

A Little Breathing Room

You’re all signed up…

Getting a little intentional breathing time in the morning, and trying to return to it throughout the day, gives me more energy and makes my life better.

I created an hour-long mini-course to show you how.

It’s called the Trade It In Technique. It’s usually priced at $54, but for you? $36. Just use the coupon code BREATHE.

I’ve also emailed you all these details and more.

Zoom meeting link: Meeting ID: 548 055 9768 (or just use the link above)
Passcode: breathe

A Little Breathing Room is a ten-minute-long virtual space where we can breathe together, Mondays through Fridays, 9 am Pacific time.

• Just breathe as deeply as feels good to you.
• That’s all.
• I find that breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth helps me remember to keep breathing, but you do you.
• This is a judgment-free space.
• You don’t have to clear your mind. Or monitor your thoughts.
• You can sit, lie down, walk around, do the dishes, check your email, or whatever you want. As long as you can keep breathing, it’s all good.
• I play everything from white noise to dubstep. Feel free to mute it and listen to whatever you like.
• Feel free to hang out and check in afterwards, too.
• It’s okay to come late, leave early, and show up irregularly! This space is here for you no matter what.
• If for any reason this space is NOT here, though, click here to enjoy the breathing room video. You can watch that anytime.