Trauma Sucks.

“I feel isolated, overwhelmed, and stuck, all at the same time.”

“Nothing I’m doing seems like enough.”

“I could never let people know how hard things are. I don’t know where to start.”

Healing can feel like a massive undertaking.

Let’s be honest: Of course it’s a massive undertaking!

One of the worst, and best, things about the pandemic, is that it brings up such big feelings for so many of us.

You know why it’s the worst. Why do I say it’s the best?

Because when big feelings come up, it gives you a difficult, but amazing, opportunity to heal from the older trauma that caused them.

You deserve to heal.

You deserve to be joyful and free.

You deserve an emotional detox.

You deserve to….


Love yourself.

Be happy.

Move through big feelings with

Start a peaceful day with

A Little Breathing Room