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Trauma sucks.

Dealing with its effects can seem like a massive, impossible project. Because it touches every aspect of our lives.

But that also means that when we start healing from it, every aspect of our lives gets better and better.

You deserve to heal. You deserve happiness and peace.

And you can start right here.

Think about what experiences have been coming up for you during the past month, and answer the four questions below.

This is a quick, research-validated PTSD assessment. You can just do it for your own insight, but it also comes with recommendations for tools that help.

Avoiding external reminders of this experience (for example, people, places, conversations, activities, objects, or situations)?

Suddenly feeling or acting as if the stressful experience were actually happening again (as if you were actually back there reliving it)?

Feeling distant or cut off from other people?

Irritable behavior, angry outbursts, or acting aggressively?

If you'd like to get your results emailed to you, enter your email here:

"Nothing I do feels like enough."

"I could never let people know how hard things are. I don't know where to start."

"I feel isolated, overwhelmed, and stuck, all at the same time."

[Button saying, "A fun free workbook. Getting to Good Enough: Start Crushing Imposter Syndrome."]

“I was so grateful for the structure and guidance and good humor… I feel new energy and support for doing this work.”

“[Learning tools for overcoming these beliefs] has been particularly healing & illuminating… the single biggest gift of the workshop.”

“You created a new and wonderful community. Thank you so much — this has helped my recovery immeasurably!”

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Powerfully Vulnerable is the mental health and public health arm of Unicorn March. We specialize in:
• quantifying the effects of oppression,
•  identifying evidence-based ways to prevent and heal from them, and
• making those solutions as widely known and available as possible. 

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